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              太陽能發電咨詢: 180-9895-0857


              JCN manufactures poly/mono silicon solar panel and kinds of solar power application products. Most of our solar cells we use are import from Germany which brand is Bosch.
              JCN can provide these cells in semi finished faminated module that can be framed. Our solar cell strings come in a variety of power sets and can be used for 1 - 200 Watt.
              If you are currently manufacturing solar modules or you are an integrator and would be interested in using Bosch cells, consider partnering with JCNfor OEM/ODM needs.
              If you want to make your unique solar products like solar chargers,solar power systems,solar lights and other solar products,JCN is your best choice!

              Advantages for JCN:
              *Rich experience,strong research and innovation capacity.
              *Abundant solar cell in our warehouse,no need to worried about the shortage.
              *Lightweight design
              *Standard frame for easy installation
              *IEC/CE/UL compliant, PV cable/junction box and connectors
              *Harsh weather proof.
              *Mounts to industry standard frames and racks
              *Highly-efficient Bosch solar cell.
              *Cell efficiency increases after outdoor exposure.
              *Highest daily energy yield per rated watt.

              JCN可以將這些電池片用于層壓成可以組框的半成品。我們有不同功率的電池片串,可用于1-330 瓦的組件。
              如果您正在生產太陽能電池組件,或者您是集成商,并且有興趣使用Qcells、新日光電池片,請考慮與JCN合作進行OEM / ODM需求。

              *產品通過IEC / CE / UL標準,光伏電纜/接線盒和連接器


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